Watch Dogs vs. GTA 5: More Alike Than You Think

Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s play for the Grand Theft Auto crowd. This sounds like cynical speculation, but really it’s business. Grand Theft Auto V is approaching $2 billion in sales, and it’s inevitable releases on PC and next-generation consoles hasn’t even been announced. Every AAA publisher wants those sales.

As far as Grand Theft Auto inspired games go, Watch Dogs differentiates itself in some fascinating, sometimes ambitious ways. The ability to hack objects changes how the player engages with the virtual world, allowing interaction with citizens without unholstering a gun.

What’s surprising, though, is how much GTA’s cynical spirit found its way into Watch Dogs. The two games are similar — just not in the way you might have guessed.

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40 thoughts on “Watch Dogs vs. GTA 5: More Alike Than You Think

  1. i saw a similarity. when you do something bad in watchdogs and someone sees you, 5 grey squares pop up and one is white. Its like GTA's star level. The more squares or stars, the more wanted you are.

  2. Dude, fix your mustache or get off camera! And also, Watch Dogs is more like Sleeping Dogs, which was also better than GTA 5. But then, none of them can hold a candle to Just Cause 2 and 3.

  3. I loved watch dogs, story was amazing and sad. also gta 5 blew my mind when it released, story was with popculture and action. both games are amazing and outstanding. unique in their own way.

  4. The Gta series seem way better, but thats also because i kind of grew up with the Gta series. I've played them almost all of them Gta 3 to Gta 5. I think i will give Watchdogs a try, it seems a good enough game to try. Only the name could be better, something more darker/tougher maybe.

  5. Watch_Dogs Is a Game for people who like stealth and are trained for it. Those who doesn't like Watch_Dogs is a Gun-Killer Man.
    GTA 5 is a game for people who like shooting and going aggresive and are trained for it. Those who doesn't like GTA 5 is Probaly a stealth Guy or Doesn't like Porn.

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