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This PUBG Mobile squad game was INSANE! SO many times we were knocked and backs against the wall… Probably should have been wiped like 4 times, but we somehow persevered… that is until we ran into a wall hacker & aimbotter. Lame. But at least we caught and reported him!

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27 thoughts on “WE GOT HACKED! | INSANE GAME | PUBG Mobile

  1. Have been so desperate to get an hacker to view my wife device ?All to no avail,have seen countless video I couldn’t get it done my Aunt recommended Cyberspyhacker2017@ gmailcom whom I contacted via what’s app +1 409 344 5982 or text +1 409 344 5982 or reach out and honestly I just say he delivered perfectly

  2. I'm not very good in pubg but using hacks to win a match is low like your literally telling everyone I suck at fair fights soo I'm just gonna be a p** and use hacks
    Ruins a good game

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