We Solve The Fortnite Season 2 STORYLINE! (Chapter 2)

We Solve The Fortnite Season 2 STORYLINE! (Chapter 2), Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Story EXPLAINED and Solved! Shadow Vs Ghost Fortnite Season 2 Storyline. Fortnite Season 2 Storyline is confusing and need a community effort to solve. Lets hope the Fortnite Chapter Season 2 Storyline flows nicely with Shadow and Ghost and hopefully leads into a awesome LIVE Event!

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28 thoughts on “We Solve The Fortnite Season 2 STORYLINE! (Chapter 2)

  1. I need you all to watch to the end and answer the questions in the Cards! Help me and the community solve the Storyline 😀 Also comment your theories 😀 – Code Postboxpat

  2. I think that the Fusion variants from C2S1 are responsible for Shadow and Ghost (Vex was black and silver, like Shadow, and Xev was white and gold, like Ghost) . I think that Shadow and Ghost are actually elite squads in ALTER and E.G.O., not the agencies themselves. I also believe that the Seven made a "super-elite" squadron comprised of purple Remedy, Gold 8-Ball, Rippley/Sludge, yellow Chic, and possibly even Fusion himself (I call the squad 'Fuzion'). The main reason I think that "Fuzion" is for the Seven is because Remedy has a giant "V" on her clothes, which could stand for "Visitor". Also, I think that Fuzion was recruited from ALTER and E.G.O, since it looks like 8-Ball was Midas's assistant, hence the gold (or that they were enemies and fought hand-to-hand [the 'Trick Shot' loading screen from S1 made it seem that 8-Ball and Scratch are CQC experts).

    I posted a list of questions on your Discord server for 2 theories. I get really excited about stories.

    P.S. Sorry for the length. ?

    P.P.S. Please like if you enjoy theories.

  3. what is the original team of ghost (ego) got a call like the situation has changed you can come back home now we are sending a new team out there stay strong buddy and then just left

  4. The way this works now that we’ve had the option to choose ghost or shadow for Brutus is that each time you finish a set of challenges for one of the skins and have that skin to use you can complete a mission to become ghost or shadow.The people who choose ghost for most of their agents will be on the ghost side for the final battle and the people who choose shadow for most of their agents will be in the shadow side for the final battle

  5. I think Ghost and Shadow are a part of Ego and Alter respectively rather than a renaming. Considering the spy theme this season it seems like the two are starting a more covert war that may turn into a standard war as this chapter goes.

  6. What I think they should do with the computer is you get to choose the team and you earn points for your team by playing matches and getting kills and winning and which ever team has the most points will win in the live event.

  7. 2:33 this is the part im confused is the agency ghost or shadow or is the brute going undercover but i don't think thats the case because if so we would be able to choose both variants of the skin

  8. The mailbox things have to do with the whole make your character ghost or shadow so what you would do is unlock the person do the challenges then go to a place with a boss there will be a thing we’re you can steal supplies then deliver the supplies to either a ghost mailbox or a shadow mailbox then that’s what your character will be. Hope this helped ??

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