Well Apex Legends Just Killed Black Ops 4 Blackout LOL!

Apex Legends is a new free to play Battle Royale game which was just released by Respawn and has now killed Black Ops 4 Blackout. Apex Legends is available on the PS4, PC and Xbox One. Enjoy my little Apex Legends mini review with my first impressions


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31 thoughts on “Well Apex Legends Just Killed Black Ops 4 Blackout LOL!

  1. Even though I'm not that big of a Battle Royale fan, I enjoy Apex Legends. It's fun. Even when I lose, I still smile because I'm having fun and because I enjoy the game. Plus the gameplay is smooth as cotton candy. Respawn did an amazing job.

  2. Lol why people say blackout is dead. It's still has a higher player count. Yes 25 million players wanted to try it out, but I bet 70% will go back to black out. I'm one of them.

  3. You're right, the skins don't look like they are made by 5 year olds. It looks like they are made for 5 year olds. Lol With a F2P business model, that is exactly who their target audience is. "Mom! Kan I has Skinz!?"

  4. Plus, I’m too simple minded to learn another game. If I had friends on apex I would try it. But, it’s just not appealing to my group of friends.

  5. The older crowd I play with prefer blackout and are pumped for the new grand heist operation. Not into the cartoon stuff. Hint; this is why there are very few kids on blackout. I’ll be ignorant and never try apex because I’m addicted to black out. Plus, I don’t have the imagination for cartoon teleporting and magic. You won’t be able to convince our crowd to try apex. We’re happy with blackout. I guess we’re happy being ignorant.

  6. Ppl say this is cartoony I don't see it they don't look like fortnite they look like cyber punk future ppl that's it it actually looks realistic because their outfits reflect their ability lmao I just think ppl have a hard time accepting the COD or Battlefield won't be the best forever and fortnite is for kids so that don't even count

  7. apex is the ONLY battle royal game that i actually would prefer to be on a team. The looking system and ping system is a work of art. It's so good you can be pretty much as effective as someone with a mic with communicating.

  8. Lol a game that that takes 3 hours to kill someone better than blackout lol this isnt even in the same league as blackout lol u need to get a brain transplant

  9. This game is more kid orientated than fornite ffs, too cartoony and the movement mechanics is just too much, lighting/colour is too high, instead of skill all you end up doing is button bashin

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