What Fortnite Has To Do To Stop Apex ft. Ninja, Wildcat and Marcel – Fortnite Battle Royale

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30 thoughts on “What Fortnite Has To Do To Stop Apex ft. Ninja, Wildcat and Marcel – Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. I don't know why they can't just have a shield bubble on you when you go down. This shield bubble is 100 hp and if you shoot it that person drops all of their mats and items. Then the person themselves cannot be thirsted but they can bleed out. Why can't we have this!?!? You can "thirst" their loot if you need it but the actual player can't be thirsted. This way if your team does win the fight you can revive, and then essentially get your loot back from the ppl that killed you (sometimes).

  2. If fortnite is gonna add the sec chance resurrection they have to make it in a separate game choice. Honestly if you manage to a kill a sweaty player and hes able to come back, it kills your buzz and makes the game not fun.

  3. they should put like little places where we can drop like bandages, medikit, or other healing modes and changed for a team mate or it can take us like a 40 of our health for revive one

  4. The only reason fortnite was fun was because of the community it was great epic listen to it then when everyone starting getting good they cared about the game then came the rage

  5. Fortnite doesn’t have to do anything. If people wanna leave then they can fuck off. They bashing fortnite even though they asses was playing it day after day. These people are like Myth’s fan base, fucking ?s. Ninja forgets that Fortnite even made him be noticeable in the whole USA at least. Fortnite has to do absolutely nothing.

  6. The resurrection idea is kinda stupid really like would t be fair if with like it’s 2v1 n the 2 team pulls out a rez. The best thing fortnite should do is take there billions in revenue and pay the top streamers to play there game for x hours a day instead of apex

  7. nothing…Apex will start running out of money to play all these Twitch streamers to play Apex…it is already happening…yesterday, ALL AT ONCE, they all started playing Fortnite again 😉

  8. in my opinion, if u dont wanna get thirsted… dont die, its like in solos, theres no second chance. thats what makes the game instense, the fact that you only really get one shot at it. hit ur shots or back to the lobby for you… fortnite is in a perfect state rn (IMO)

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