When a Fortnite Battle Royale gamer plays PUBG

When a Fortnite Battle Royale gamer plays PUBG , in this video i’ll show you what happens when a fortnite battle royale gamer plays pubg / playerunknown’s battlegrounds.Fortnite battle royale is a free game and playerunknown’s battlegrounds is available for $30 (i suppose) xD
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Credits ( Thank you , love you all )

2:51 – 3:36
3:39 – Special Thanks

Music by D1ofAquavibe www.youtube.com/user/D1ofAquavibe Available at: www.D1ofAquavibe.com/music (aswell as iTunes, Google Play, etc.)

~ Sounds By Kevin MacLeod
and …
~ Spring in my step 0:18
~ Street Fighter Ken’s Theme music – 5:04
~ Party Troll – D1ofAquavibe 3:52
~ Benny Hill Techno Remix – Dj Freshwinter – Vanoss gaming 4:20

“Amazing Plan”, “At Rest”, “Carefree”, “Cipher”, “Darkest Child”, “Fluffing a Duck”, “Hall of the Mountain King”, “Heartbreaking”, “Hitman”, “Investigations”, “Kool Kats”, “Local Forecast”, “Local Forecast – Elevator”, “Merry Go”, “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”, “Run Amok”, “Scheming Weasel (faster version)”, “Scheming Weasel (slower version)”, “Sneaky Adventure”, “Sneaky Snitch”, “The Bandit”, “There It Is”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Spring In My Step – Silent Partner

*Outro : Adventurer – Reality
*Intro : Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)

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