Why Apex Legends, Fortnite & PUBG are so Addictive.

A close look at battle royale games like Apex Legends and why they are so popular.

5 thoughts on “Why Apex Legends, Fortnite & PUBG are so Addictive.

  1. Looks fun. I’m a little scared of the RNG/gatcha aspect though when it centers around money. If I get involved in Apex the next question becomes “how much is my rock n roll lifestyle worth on a monthly basis?”, since i want to stay competitive and avoid being washed out by something called “power-creep”. As inviting as it is, my appetite to take things to a higher level could become an expensive one as I chase dragons & ride the rush. Therein lies the issue I have with these games. As exciting as they may be, I feel they require self-control and personal discipline; apart from skill.

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