Why So Many People HATE Fortnite

Why So Many People HATE Fortnite
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Why is Fortnite so popular? Why do popular games get so much hate? We try to answer these questions.

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32 thoughts on “Why So Many People HATE Fortnite

  1. I hate fortnite because the game is boring and repetitive, the weapon accuracy is god awful, and it isn't rewarding. A lot of it's aspects are poorly explained, requiring people look to 3rd party sources for information and guidance. I am not adverse to challenging games, I am not adverse to FPS games, this is just very little actual gameplay under lots of layers of monetization and goofy skins.

  2. I liked Fortnite when it came out but it got toxic within a year. I deleted it last summer cause I was sick of all the updates and people who play it. When Red Dead Redemption 2 came out, I was on board to take a break from Fortnite. Tbh RDR2 is one of the reasons I deleted Fortnite

  3. we don't hate it for those reasons my poor sweet child. it is as much as the fact that it pulls in kids or younger audiences for the liking from the graphics or the purchases that don't even support you in battle at all, but instead make you look like the poster that i throw up on because how god damn bright you are. like seriously, your the whole god damn rainbow or a pink bear

  4. my answer for hating fornite because…
    For example
    people at school: "mInCrAfT iS sHuTiNg dOwN" "rObLoX iS shUtIng dOwN aS wElL"
    me at my mind: "hold my blocks and hats"

    Like everyone talks about that..

  5. I never played the game because it never let me in for whatever reason but people hating on fortnite because of the Minecraft vs fortnite thing is immature and rude.

  6. I personally don't like fortnite because I don't understand the building aspect to the game, I think it is stupid and unrealistic (I know its a game, I have my preferences). Another thing is that it is free-to-play, apparently my friends are cheap so they don't play anything else. It is also annoying when people tell me how awesome fortnite is because everyone plays it so how could it not be? Well listen here folks, I played it, I don't like it, I don't have to like it. It's that simple really.

    Edit: I also feel the need to say that the free-to-play model is totally mental. I'd rather pay for a game and earn items rather than buy them. This is probably why I hate Fortnite the most. Due to its popularity and amount of $$$ they are bringing in on a free-to-play model, other developers are now doing the exact same thing. I know people will say, its not pay to play or whatever but I'll get made fun of my default skin. But at least im not spending 10k to unlock everything in the game like some people are. Id rather pay the 50$ and grind it out. This game is just totally toxic.

  7. I find it really ironic how most of us teens get mad at boomers for judging what we like but we do the same to kids younger than us. Seriously guys we need to stop having such hate between generations…

  8. I just hate the game not only because i see it everywhere buut for the most part i hate it because it just reminds me of raging inept and disrespectful children

  9. Its a circlejerk that repeats. Many people that does extreme hate are the same sad fucks that were bullied for liking minecraft. And i was but i didnt payed back on innocent childs of fortnite.

    And the intelligence and logic of them is stupid like: Only minecraft is good,all the rest are for losers. Everyone is stupid but me.

    And people has reached to attack disabled people that likes fortnite

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