Witcher 3 and GTA V Flaunt 4K Res & Destiny DLC Release Date! – GS Daily News

Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion gets a release date, a new Monster Hunter game is announced, and GTA 5 and The Witcher 3 impress in 4K resolution!

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49 thoughts on “Witcher 3 and GTA V Flaunt 4K Res & Destiny DLC Release Date! – GS Daily News

  1. I have my two gtx 670 4gb cards running gta v at 2560×1440 and I average a fluid 60fps with few drops. Tbh my memory and cpu is stressed more. I am running on a 4k samsung ud590 with AA, filtering and scaling set to look amazing. I must say even at 2560×1440 this game is amazing with the settings very high and maxed.

  2. "High end sli setup"

    As in, yes the PC is better but you cant run shit unless you really invest some cash in, definitely nowhere near a console price.

    I have a PC that I built and it was around 2 grand and I still cant play some games without a bunch of headache, ie proper patch, manual optimazation, tweaking the settings…etc. a whole lot of time wasted than just simply sliding disc in in my ps4 and playing the game.

    Im also old school, because I still enjoy playing my old ps1 games so crispy graphics to me arent everything

  3. It's too soon to be making games at 4K even the PC can't make the games go 60fps and we all know the PC is more stronger than consoles. I agree what someone said, wait until 2 years to buy anything at 4K, right now there is nothing that can stand 4K, my PC has AMD Radeon HD 8670D Graphics with up to 6244 MB total available memory and a AMD A10 Quad-Core Accelerated Processor, 12GB Memory RAM, and DDR3 SDRAM and Processor Speed 3.70 GHz and It might run 4K, but not at 60fps, I have a Vizio 55" 4K TV, but there is nothing in 4K to use it on, just wait for 2 years people.

  4. if I get any PC game the first step once the install is done
    go to graphics settings and place It as LOW AS POSSIBLE who gives a damn about 4k or 120k or infinite pixels! as long as the performance is great I don' t give a damn about graphics i'm playing a game not going the order way. quality over quantity eh? congratz you made the WORST possible game and yet the most beautiful interactive movie on the console! well done! you managed to finish producing a movie and not a game, games need much work on gameplay and not o graphics, you want graphics go and make your own movies, a great game can work well with 1080p or 720p without any need to over do it with graphics!

  5. 4k is glorious but its for the future with few cards being able to handle a intensive game running on fairly high settings. Can't wait to go home from work and play gta on it.

    I run 4k 60fps messing about on Crisis 3 (High) and BF4 (High) (Not Ultra) on the 770gtx 4gb windforce and a OC@4.5 AMD 8350 watercooled. 32gb ram. So you don't need sli but you do need a card with good vram.

    Also to add that the 770gtx isn't great for this and I usually lower the settings of play on my 2k monitor and have desktop on 4k. Still looks beautiful though.

  6. Wonder what settings they made that work with. My PC was $1600 when I built it last year(plus the 970 I bought last month), so I thought I'd be maxing this game out, but I have to knock down quite a lot to be rid of noticeable framerate drops(and the violent stuttering that comes with MSAA anything higher than 2x). Needs further optimization in the CPU department. The game still looks years ahead of the PS4 version, but, at the end of the day, there are better looking games that are nowhere near as demanding.
    On the other side, holy fuck this game is fun.

  7. i have a 4k tv, and going to build a pc in july, looking at the amd r9 390x or equivalent in nvidia when released, $800 range for the gpu, so i look forward to these games in 4k and according to requirements I should get over 30fps because the gpu's I will get will kill the 7870 and gtx 760

  8. Note: Monster Hunter Stories is more than likely not coming outside of japan due to the obvious year gap between release of JP and US/EU of any monster hunter game, and also considering that the Nintendo+Capcom deal ends this year.

  9. I was looking into 4K tvs because I use my PC like a console with a TV(yes you can do that, stop raging) HDMI doesn't support over 30hz right now on like 99% of large 4K displays. So 4K gaming is pretty pointless right now for bigger screens, I guess I'll just wait a few years.

  10. I'm not jumping on the 4k bandwagon for a while longer.  GPUs aren't quite there, windows scaling isn't quite there, and monitor tech isn't quite there (No 144hz options…even with TN panels.)

    However I am upgrading my 3 or 4 year old Shimian for an Acer xb270hu (I'm totally ready 144hz IPS with G-sync)

  11. Half of the people who talk shit about pc in this comment section know shit about it. You guys know shit about hardware, software,and proper pricing of PCs. You guys don't know about the shit in your own systems.

    If anyone wants to legitimately wants to talk about PCs or wants to learn ask and I'll tell. If you want to talk shit please fuck off as I am trying to help people.

  12. I've got a story to tell everyone who thinks PC is a master race. I own a super computer. It can play about anything without any slow down at all and I enjoy it alot but when I try to play anything from around the early 2000's or older my computer runs it at 200 or 1000 fps which sounds cool but in reality it causes perfectly normal games have crazy bugs. like this one game I'm playing every time I jump the game loses track of where I am so my character goes flying all over the place until it finds me again and I land. I know I can probably fix it somehow but it would be much easier to just play the console version of the game knowing it wont crash and I wont have stupid unpredictable issues with it.

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