Zylbrad vs Twitch Streamers #2 – Apex Legends

Who will win in this next SHOWDOWN? The battle between Zylbrad and the TTVs still rages on…


0:00 Kevin MacLeod ~ Wallpaper

0:18 Gravity Man Stage (Mega Man 5) [New Remix] – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Soundtrack

0:33 MOTHER 3i- Funky Monkey Dance

1:27 Wario’s Gold Mine (Mario Kart Wii) – Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

1:37 Major Magnet Official Soundtrack – 12 – Ode To Luck (Wheel Bonus)

3:25 One Punch Man OST Main Theme

5:21 Pokémon D/P anime – Battle! Paul Music (Unreleased)

6:02 The Army of Minotaur Makai, Symphony

7:16 SayMaxWell – Shantae – Rottytops Theme [Remix]

Outro: The Army of Minotaur Makai, Symphony

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#ApexLegends #ZylbradvsTwitchStreamers

40 thoughts on “Zylbrad vs Twitch Streamers #2 – Apex Legends

  1. TTV'S always play the game so aggressively instead of having fun, which is why they lose most of the time. They seem to just be annoyed by playing the game, and not interested in what's happening, only focusing on killing and winning. Then when they lose, they throw a temper tantrum. TTV's are the worst.

  2. the amount of times i have trigged usedthong is funny all you gotta do is 3rd party or kill him then go to his stream and just say the word rekted and he will lose his little mind

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